Wireless Baby Monitors: A Security Threat?


Mothers have plenty to worry about especially when they are raising a newborn child. The safety of the infant is constantly on the minds of those who have the responsibility of taking care of her and if anything should pose as a threat to her safety than it becomes a real problem. This is why baby monitors have become such a serious issue. Some distasteful people find it to be all fun-and-games while others out there use baby monitors to actually try and scare families and mothers trying to care for their toddler. I’m talking about baby monitor hacking – the act of intruding the wireless signal baby monitors use and speaking through the monitor to terrorize the family and the child. It is an invasion of privacy, personal comfort, and has become a very serious issue as of late.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening to your household? First of all, the whole problem exists because of the wireless signal. While they do make wired baby monitors that would obviously have the safest and most secure line, they are not always the best because they have limited range. However, more and more parents are reverting to using wired baby monitors, especially those victim to baby monitor hacks. With that said, there are plenty of wireless monitors out there that are made to prevent such attacks. They feature secure wireless signals and some even require a password to get into. This is why the majority of all the best baby monitors are also the safest from intrusive attacks and invasions of privacy.

One of my personal favorite sis the Dropcam Pro Wi-fi Wireless Monitor. It is wireless, but what I like about it is that it is totally secure. Not only is the wireless signal secure but it also features video with a large field of view for even more security. You can access the monitor’s software using a computer, and it uses cloud-based storage. Some people don’t trust cloud-based storage, but honestly, not having physical storage is becoming more and more safe.


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