Time to Promote a Healthy Style in the Workplace


The workplace is seen by many as a primary source of stress and hardships. Although it is the workplace that serves as the source of income to sustain the family and a lifestyle, it can also become a source of stress that can compromise the health and productivity of the individual. According to some resources, stress is simply the result of physical, emotional, economic or social or other factors that require change or response from the person. And in the context of the workplace, stress refers to the harmful emotional and physical responses of the body over the job requirements and demands. The stress that can be experienced by the employee can come from different sources. It can come from the fear of getting laid off from work, the memo from the administrator or even employees who are unpredictable. Stress is not only inconvenient; it can have an impact on the health of the person. This is the reason why it’s important to manage stress, and find ways on how you can turn stress into a productive element of your life in the workplace.

Healthy Nutrition Should be Incorporated in the Work Environment

The demands and requirements of work are stressful, and the level of stress and difficulty depends on the nature of work or the industry. For example, if you are an occupational health nurse working in a first-class hospital, then there’s a big chance that the stress and difficulty level is high. There’s the demand to ensure the correct delivery of medicine at the right time using the correct dosage. There’s also the need to complete a number of documentation and papers, depending on the requirements of the hospital. All these work and pressure can compromise your health. But this can be addressed by focusing on healthy nutrition at work. Instead of drinking coffee and carbonated drinks, you can drink water and fresh juices. Also, look for healthy snacks at the vending machine.

Consider Exercise as Part of Office Life

The management and Human Resources can also take an active role in promoting a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. To promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, HR managers can consider a flexible time policy for employees that can allow them to exercise during their shifts. The management can motivate employees to take action by promoting physical exercises, or by hosting special programs scheduled throughout the year like walking for fitness, ‘Zumba’ and yoga sessions. On the part of the employees, it pays to be ready by regularly bringing comfortable exercise clothes. For those working in the service industry, it’s best to bring tennis shoes, or choose a comfortable pair of nursing shoes for those who work in the hospital setting. The idea here is to become comfortable to join these exercise programs hosted by the management.

These two strategies can help promote a healthy workplace. But to make this happen, the strategies should be coupled with commitment and dedication.


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