The Growing Choices in Baby Monitors


Technology is absolutely fascinating. Not only is it make finite presences all around us, but it is making our existing responsibilities and jobs that much easier to do. Even when it comes down to taking care of a toddler, technology is there to help us. For the most part, the love and care of a child is something that technology can’t really touch – it’s strictly parent to child energy that is responsible for its success; however, technology can heavily aid the task of raising a toddler. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider it a task after you take a look at some of these fantastic baby monitors that out right now for you to purchase.

Baby monitors have grown and evolved extensively over the last decade. Before, they acted as walkie-talkies and were extremely unreliable. The signals would fade, they couldn’t reach that far, and the audio quality was often times poor as well. But if you look at the baby monitors out now then you will find that baby monitors have come a very long way. Now, baby monitors feature now only improved audio features, but also video as well.

When you take a look at the Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor, you see everything that you would need in a baby monitor. Fantastic video, audio, as well as extensive features such as pan, zoom, and tilt functions, night vision, and even a temperature gauge! With that said, the DXR-8 has its fair share of critiques such as its short range and lack of volume control. However, the DXR-8 is consistently a popular choice among mothers.

Then you take a look at the Foscam FBM3501 and see whole other view of what baby monitors have become. You truly do have an unlimited amount of choices when you’re shopping for baby monitors. The Foscam is probably one of the cheapest baby monitors out there that also feature video features. The Foscam is small, extremely portable, durable, and has a very high quality of video. The major downside of the Foscam is that it does not have an “off” button, so you can run through batteries very quickly.


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