Do The Right Thing as A Dog Owner: Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop


As a dog owner you have certain responsibilities. if you are taking your dog out on a walk it is important that you arm your self with poop scoop bags so that you can pick up your dogs poop. Dogs mess is a major hazard, not only is it unsightly, causes mess to peoples clothing, but it can also be the cause of serious illness.

It is important to pick up after your dog poops, imagine if no one did- our public places would be a stinking disgrace! Its not fair on other people that like to use public facilities to have to side step piles of poop and really limits the play area for young children.

Your dog can be trained to only poop in certain areas. Smart dogs can even be trained in when to go, especially when taken on regular walks at set times of the day. Smarter dogs respond very well to praise and treats, so be certain to reward your dog when he goes to the toilet in an appropriate place. Most public areas have dog poo bins, so there is no excuse to pick up after your dog so as not to spoil a public area for others. Regardless of the size of your dog, as a responsible owner it is up to you to pick up the poo.

Poop dog bags are very cheap and are available from most stores, so there is no excuse not to have any on you when you go out for a walk. Keeping the environment safe and clean for others is very important, but unfortunately there are a few rogue dog walkers who through laziness or lack of concern for others allow their dog to foul without picking the offending mess up. The actions of a few can cause all dog walkers to be lumped together as being inconsiderate regarding dogs mess. By picking up your dog poo you are setting a good example which will perhaps get others to think about their lack of action in this matter.

Many areas impose fines for not picking up dog mess and if you see an offending culprit it is worth bringing their actions to the attentions of the local police. Perhaps a fine and a stern warning will make them think twice about walking on and leaving dog poo for others to stand in.

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