Different occasions and different styles to wear leggings


A pair of black leggings has been one of my favorite wardrobe essentials for the last few years.  I was introduced to leggings by one of my friends who told me that they would look great on me. She is a designer who has been in the design industry for a long time.

Leggings have never disappointed me even for a second. I find this piece of clothing to be extremely versatile. I love the fact that leggings combines well with a variety of tops such as skirts, dresses, jackets and even shorts.

I have always wanted to wear clothes that I feel comfortable in. I love leggings because they are at the top of the most comfortable attire to put on. There are a million ways through which an individual can rock with a pair of leggings. I love wearing a pair of my best black leggings with a pretty dressy shirt which is my favorite.

The good thing about leggings is that one can wear them at any time. I have seen some of my friends who wear leggings to their work especially on weekends. This however depends on the dress code culture of an organization. Most of the organizations are strict on dress code.

Most of the times, I use my leggings as a casual wear. In such instances, I make sure to wear them with a long top. Leggings are not pants and they should be worn with a top that covers the butt. Sometimes I wear my leggings with a short top. But I have to ensure that they are either faux leather, shiny or leggings with a fancy print.

Apart from wearing leggings for casual and official occasions, they are also my favorite sports wear. They are more comfortable and safer especially when riding a bike. They protect me from chafing and give me a snug fit. They are the most comfortable for yoga, Pilates, snowboarding and marathon.

Versatility of leggings does not end with official, casual or sportswear. They can also be used when the weather gets chilly and I need to keep my legs warm. Fleece lines leggings are the best for this purpose. Leggings are also a good replacement for jeans during summer. They allow the skin to breathe thereby cooling the body.

How else can you look different this holiday without a pair of leggings? I have always worn them for Halloween, for games, for Christmas and other events. They will definitely be my favorite during the forthcoming holiday season.

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