Cooking with the Best Skillets


Some electric skillets cost over $300. Others cost under $30. We’ve identified five of the most popular skillets on the market today. All of our contenders fall within the price range of the average consumer. Precise Heat 16-Inch Rectangular Surgical Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

At 16 inches wide, the Precise Surgical Stainless Steel skillet is on the larger side in terms of capacity. With a depth of around two inches, you can cook lots of different things in this skillet, including minute or Swiss steak, chicken Cordon Bleu (one owner was able to cook eight stuffed chicken Cordon Bleu at a time), and breakfast items like pancakes, bacon, and eggs. However, due to its depth, you are less likely to fit a pot roast or whole chicken in this item with the lid on. Customers tell us this appliance browns nicely and puts a nice crust on items like fish and chicken. Because it is made of stainless steel, this skillet heats up very quickly. Many owners tell us they prefer to cook their food at the lowest temperature setting to prevent burning. A few people have been unsatisfied with the heating element, complaining that it heats food unevenly. However, this complaint is not common.

The De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet is a 16-inch appliance, just like the more expensive Precise Heat. However, it is about one inch deeper than the Precise Heat (three inches instead of two) and is non-stick — a plus for many cooks who don’t like scraping off burnt or crusty food from the bottom of their appliance after cooking. In terms of capacity, this skillet can hold up to 10 fish filets or 60 scrambled eggs!

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