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It doesn’t need to be expensive to feed your dog nutritious food, sometimes it’s just a case of adding a few extras to your dog’s food to make sure that they are receiving all the micronutrients and oils that they require. These foods can be everyday items that you may have in your cupboard or fruit bowl, but if ever you are unsure of whether a food is safe for your dog to eat it is best to ask for some expert advice.

Common foods that you may have at home include bananas and cheese. Your dog will only require about an inch of banana mashed into his food or a small chunk of cheese as a treat to reap all the benefits of those food groups. Bananas contain potassium, essential for a healthy heart and muscle function, whilst cheese will provide your dog with lots of calcium- so especially ideal for growing dogs. Be aware that some dogs are lactose intolerant and may have difficulty digesting dairy products, so whenever trying any new food only give them a tiny sample to start with.

Adding these extra foods to your dog’s meal will provide him with a glossy coat and easy to digest carbohydrate and may get you thinking about what other foods you could provide your dog with. White rice and chicken is an excellent meal for your dog, gentle on the stomach and full of protein, so is a brilliant meal if your dog is feeling under the weather. Dogs can also benefit from having fish such as salmon mixed in with their food. This can provide omega 3 oils, excellent for joints and muscles.

Another food that can have beneficial effects on your dogs are scrambled or boiled eggs. These are rich in protein and also contain an array of vitamins.

Carrots can be given raw or cooked. Raw carrots are excellent for your dog’s teeth, whilst most dogs enjoy cooked carrots mashed in with their dinner. This can provide them with vitamin C.

Green beans can also be eaten by dogs, they are brilliant for overweigh dogs as they are low in calories yet help to fill your dog’s belly up.

It is good to be aware that there are some foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog, this includes grapes, chocolate, onions, garlic and raisons, so it is always best to check that what you are feeding your dog is safe for him.

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