Laurie R CC is an online one-person magazine, newspaper or editorial site with opinions on world issues.  The site uses and implements the copyrighted works and opinions of Laurie Reynolds. Laurie R CC is an op-ed style magazine with personal opinion and analysis on world news. The website features various categories with my take on issues including:

  • World News
  • Lifestyle/Culture
  • Love and Romance
  • Politics
  • Business/Education

My aim is to feature various interesting articles with the my personal opinions on various issues in the world and probable solutions. My magazine handles issues ranging from family and relationship matters and careers to technology and health issues, among many others. The personal blog-style writing is used to drive home the point that these are basically my opinions… although educated.

Although the articles featured on the Laurie R CC website are very opinionated, the owner gives users a chance to share their thoughts as a way of providing feedback through the comments section found at the end of every news article.

The site also features a number of social media platforms integrated into it to enable users interact with the magazine and even share content of choice with friends connected to them on those social media websites. Some of the social sites include Facebook and Twitter as well as others.

I can be accessed through email and comments/contact form.

For persons looking for a fun, opinionated and very informative point of view to read during their free time, Laurie R CC is a perfect choice. Moreover, the magazine is coded for access on mobile platforms, meaning it can be read from anywhere when one is on the go.