5 Reasons Men with thinning Hair Should Embrace The Bald look


When you start to lose your hair it can be a losing battle trying to disguise it. Some people spend thousand of dollars trying quack lotions and potions in order to restore hair growth, usually to no avail. Alternatively people may opt for surgical procedures such as hair transplant which is expensive, painful and does not always give the desired results. failing that there is the good old fashioned comb over- not a good look for anyone.

Instead of the daily battle to maintain a decent hairstyle you could instead choose to shave all your hair off. This gives you an edge of control regarding your hair loss and means that you wont have to spend hours looking in a mirror worrying about whether your hair has receded even more, or your bald spot has grown.

The bald look is sported by lots of celebrities, for instance Bruce Willis, Vin diesel and the Rock. The bald look is a masculine look, displaying confidence and self assuredness.

If you decide to shave your hair off it may be worth getting the opinion of your hairdresser. The bald look suits some people more than others. your hairdresser will be able to advise you whether the shape and size of your head would suit the bald look. A smooth head is best for this look, if you have lots of bumps and lumps you may want to reconsider.

Once your hair is shaved off it is easy to maintain the look. Electric razors designed especially for the head make this an easy task. One such electric razor is the aptly named Skull Shaver. With its five individual flex action rotary heads and horizontal handle, shaving your hair has never been so easy, taking only a few minutes to achieve a nice smooth finish. The compact size of this razor means it is highly portable, so if you undertake lots of travel this is the ideal razor to pack.

You may find that once you have shaved your head that you start thinking about unruly hair on other parts of your body. Body groom shavers are ideal for giving you the smooth hairless look on all parts of your body and it is worth checking out reviews to see if the body groomer is sufficient for your needs.


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